Mighty medieval fortress

The dungeons sit below the Adam Tower © Matthew Antrobus

The dungeons sit below the Adam Tower

Meet the Chirk Castle garrison, and be trained to help guard the fortress. Try on armour and join in pike drill.

Explore the stark medieval fortress complete with dungeons and murder holes.

Decide whether to support the gold lion of King Edward I or the red lion of Llywelyn Prince of Wales and wear your emblem with pride.


Elegant family home

The saloon at Chirk Castle © Andreas von Einsiedel

The saloon at Chirk Castle

Explore how the fortress turned into the Myddelton's elegant family home. Lavishly furnished rooms reflect 400 years of changing taste and fashions.

Find out about life during the English Civil War, when the castle fell into enemy hands. And discover a family that played an important role in the survival of the Welsh language.


East wing glamour

The Bow Room © National Trust/carolyn latham

The Bow Room

See how 1920s and 1930s high society entertained in style. Relax in the Bow Room, practice your Charleston dance moves or join in the pantomime rehearsal.

Discover the artists who were inspired by Wales and the revival of Welsh cultural arts that the Howard de Walden family supported.

Meet The Garrison

Soliders of the Chirk Castle Garrison on guard duty

Greetings. We soldiers of Chirk Castle guard the entrance and welcome visitors. Let us show you what our lives were like at this mighty fortress in the year 1310.

Don't miss the fortress...

  • Explore the deep dark dungeon in the Adams Tower
  • Take part in pike drill with medieval guards
  • See how many murder holes you can find
  • View the medieval toilets
  • Visit the family activity room with games and costumes
  • Be impressed by the stunning views from the top floor

Built to defend

Started in 1295, Chirk Castle was a symbol of English power and might. It controlled the Welsh border and dominated the surrounding landscape.

Myddelton family home

The ebony cabinet, inlaid with tortoiseshell and ivory, is of Dutch origin

The ebony cabinet, inlaid with tortoiseshell and ivory, is of Dutch origin

Take a tour through the Myddelton family home and discover 400 years of changing interior fashions. From 17th-century oak panelling through light, airy 18th-century elegance to brightly coloured Victorian Gothic.

Don't miss the Myddelton home...

  • Discover the collection of rare 17th-century fire arms
  • See the beautiful silver embossed King Charles cabinet
  • Be in awe of the wonderful ornate and colourful ceilings throughout
  • Hear the evocative sacred 17th-century music in the chapel
  • Understand how the Bible Bach helped save the Welsh language
  • Promenade through the long gallery past Myddelton ancestors
  • Visit the luxurious King's Bedroom with silver lights and rich colours
  • Look at yourself in the enormous 18th-century mirrors in the saloon

Don't miss in the east wing...

  • Relax in the comfy armchairs and sofas beside the Bow Room fire
  • Listen to Dylan Thomas reading his poetry on the wireless
  • Flick through the family's fascinating photo albums
  • Read the familly's letters from royalty, artists and inventors
  • Sign the guest book and hunt for famous signatures
  • Have a game of chess at the dining room table
  • See the 1920s brought to life on the cine film
  • Join Mr Gilbanks rehearsing The Reluctant Dragon pantomime
  • Play with the toy theatre and try on the costumes

20th-century art

The Howard de Walden family in the saloon at Chirk Castle by John Lavery

The Howard de Walden family in the saloon at Chirk Castle by John Lavery

Tommy, Lord Howard de Walden supported many great 20th-century artists. For the first time in more than 60 years many of these works of art have been brought back to the castle and put on public display.

From a series of landscapes by Philip Wilson Steer to wonderful portraits by Augustus John, the iconic painting by Sir John Lavery of the family relaxing in the saloon to a remarkable bronze bust of Tommy by Rodin.

Discover Tommy's own suit of armour and the delightful mini model used to design it. Hear the wireless play compositions by Holbrooke and Dylan Thomas reading his poetry.