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Take a break from the coast in these quiet, wooded backwaters

The sheltered waterway of the Cleddau runs from the county town of Haverfordwest down to Milford Haven. Along the way it passes Little Milford Wood, the ancient oak woodland of Lawrenny and tidal mudflats at West Williamston.

Remains of limekilns and former coal mines can be found at Little Milford and the rough pasture at West Williamston leads to large expanse of salt marsh and estuary shore and tidal creeks once quarried for limestone.

50 things to do before you're 113/4

Get outdoors and go wild with 50 things to do before you're 11¾. Pick up your scrapbook at the St David's Shop and Visitor Information Centre or at Stackpole and tick off as many as you can.

Top 5 things at Cleddau Woodlands

Bring it on 

We reckon there are at least 10 things to do at Cleddau Woodlands. Start with these.

  • Climb a tree
  • Canoe down a river
  • Find your way with a map and compass
  • Make a trail with sticks
  • Bring up a butterfly


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