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Lawrenny Wood - ancient oak trees © Marilyn Smyth

Lawrenny Wood - ancient oak trees

Lawrenny Wood is one of the last fragments of ancient oak woodland to survive in Pembrokeshire. Perched on a bank overlooking the Cleddau waterway, the stunted and gnarled oak trees occupy land that was always too steep and rocky to farm.

Little Milford

A clearing in Little Milford Wood © Matthew Thompson

A clearing in Little Milford Wood

Once an ancient oak wood, three quarters of Little Milford's oaks were cut down by the previous owner to make room for commercial conifers. We're gradually restoring the wood to its former glory. There's a fine footpath network, with a variety of circular routes possible, as well as a bridleway.

West Williamston

A wading Egret © Peter Brash

A wading Egret

Enjoy the saltmarsh and mudflats with wide views up the river, and the chance of a migrating osprey in autumn. Just round the corner, you can see the rocky creeks of former limestone quarries. The woodland and dense blackthorn scrub is home to one of Pembrokeshire’s scarcest butterflies, the Brown Hairstreak.

Spring birds along the river

Blackcap - rich and melodic song - listen out for them around the lakes ©

Blackcap - rich and melodic song - listen out for them around the lakes

The riverside woodlands are a rich habitat for birds. The ancient oak woodlands have held pied flycatchers and redstarts in the past. Are they still there? The blackthorn scrub at West Williamston hosts birds of woodland edge like Whitethroat and Garden Warbler.

Winter birds of mudflat and salt marsh

Wigeon in flight © Tony Hamblin FRPS

Wigeon in flight

The creeks and byways of the Cleddau hold huge numbers of autumn migrants and wintering wildfowl. Look for ducks and waders at West Williamston, or in Garron Pill on your walk round Lawrenny.

Take a walk at Lawrenny

Lawrenny Wood - ancient oak trees

Park at Lawrenny Quay and take a walk through Lawrenny Wood, with the waters of the Cleddau visible through the trees. Return along the shore of Garron Pill and back through Lawrenny village.

Our holiday cottages at Little Milford

Stay in either Little Milford Farm or Little Milford Lodge - or check out some of our other great holiday offers in Pembrokeshire.

Don't miss...

  • Dawn chorus at Lawrenny
  • Paddling your canoe up the Cleddau
  • Wild Service trees at Lawrenny - look below the path
  • Migrant Osprey on the Cleddau in autumn
  • Winter wildfowl in Garron Pill
  • Quayside Lawrenny Tea-room
  • Lawrenny Arms Hotel - known affectionately by locals as the Doghouse