Things to see & do

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What's on

There's so much to see and do across our estate but if you're looking for something a little extra there's plenty to choose from.

This autumn and winter we have house tours, guided walks, Hallowe'en themed activities and workshops especially for adults too.

The South Terrace

Stop by the Terrace to see how our multi-year conservation project is progressing.

The Terrace has been at the centre of the estate for 350 years - keep an eye out for paintings in the landscape that show how it, and its' views, have changed over time.

Great British Walk

This autumn we're celebrating the Great British Walk.

There's a whole world of tree lined avenues and far-reaching views to explore in the woodlands.

Why not join one of our walking events or follow one of our downloadable trails.

First World War

Within months of the start of the First World War, a hospital was opened in the grounds here to treat injured soldiers.

The memorial garden in which those who died were buried is a poignant reminder of the war. 

Garden sculpture

From the grand Fountain of Love on the main drive, to the ancient baboons in the Long Garden the gardens reveal a magnificent collection of sculpture.

Can you find the piece created by William Waldorf Astor?

Outdoor adventures

Hunt for bugs, build a den, go bird watching and more as you complete our list of not to be missed activities.

Pick up a free 50 things to do before you're 11¾ scrapbook from the Information Centre and join in the fun.