The coastline we love is under increasing threat. With over 775 miles of it under our care, we're making sure it's well protected

A view of Gribbin Head, Cornwall taken from Coombe
The storms battering the dunes

Living with change: Our shifting shores 

We're tackling the threats of a changing coastline to safeguard the coastline you love.

Little tern birds on the Northumberland coast

Camping out to protect the little tern bird 

The dedicated ranger team at the Long Nanny tern colony prepare for a 24-hour watch as rare seabirds return to the North

" I have a deep love of the coast. Formby where I'm based means a lot to me, a place where generations of my family have been visiting."
- Kate Martin, lead ranger, Formby
Image of the Mapping our shores website

Spot the difference 

Use our Land use mapping website to discover the differences fifty years has made in coastal land use.


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