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The walled garden

 © Steve Whitehead

The Walled Garden was originally a kitchen garden. Mr and Mrs Scourfield-Lewis developed it into a formal garden with herbaceous planting. It returned to us in 2010, and the gazebo is now open to visitors.

History in the garden

  • Mine entrance - can you find the entrance to Bedlam Pit
  • Saw pit - are you the top-dog or the under-dog?
  • Walled garden - the old kitchen garden
  • Mine wheel - driven by donkey power
  • The old tramway leading to the beach
  • Pamela's memorial in Long Lane
  • The Gazebo and the trompe l'oeil
  • Water control measures on the estate

Spanning centuries


In 1873 Samuel Kay, a Stockport pharmacist, bought Colby Lodge and began planting the garden - 140 years later visitors to the garden have left comments on our whiteboard that we hope Mr Kay would appreciate.

John Colby

 © Lewis-Bowen

John Colby (1751-1823) was a landowner in Pembrokeshire who came to this area in the 1790s to mine coal.

He was Lieutenant Colonel Colby of the Pembrokeshire Militia and Governor of Haverfordwest Castle at the time of the Last Invasion.

Miss Elidyr Mason

In 1960 the estate passed to Miss Mason. Her memorial is on Long Lane. In 1965 she sold the house and garden to Mr and Mrs Chance.

The photograph is dated 1963, when the walled garden was a vegetable garden.

Pamela and Peter Chance

Mr  © unknown

Pamela and Peter Chance purchased Colby in 1965 and continued the planting. In 1979 Peter transferred ownership to us. The initials IOC on the memorial obelisk hint at Peter's real names, Ivan Oswald.