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Notice: Please note that the walled garden opens at 12 noon and the Stables Restaurant has a limited hot food menu due to refurbishment work to the kitchens.

Coughton Court is an imposing Tudor house set in beautiful gardens with a collection of Catholic treasures

Coughton Court has been home to the Throckmorton family for 600 years, this finest of Tudor houses stands testament to a family's courage in maintaining their beliefs. From a position of high favour to one of fear and oppression post-Reformation, the Throckmortons were leaders in a dangerous age, helping to bring about Catholic emancipation in the 19th century.

Explore this story of fascinating personalities through the 'family album' of portraits and Catholic treasures around the house. Coughton is still very much a family home with an intimate feel: the Throckmorton family live here, managing the stunning gardens which they have created.

Romeo and Juliet

The Chamberlain's Men are coming to to Coughton Court again on Friday 18 July. Bring your picnics and enjoy their production of Romeo and Juliet against the backdrop of the Court.


Single Rose in bloom at Coughton Court, Warwickshire

Our roses in the Rose Labyrinth are at their best now. We have over 200 different varieties so the wonderful display and the scents last for a long time. Do come and experience them for yourself.

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Coughton at War

Coughton Court dining room transformed for our exhibition.

Coughton Court dining room transformed for our exhibition.

We are now setting up rooms for our theme of the year: Coughton at War - conflicts which have shaped Coughton's history over 600 years.

The dining room exhibition is now open with lots to see, hear and do. Come and tap your own Morse Code message or listen to the story on the old telephone.