Water week

Make a splash during Water week at Cragside © Arnhel de Serra

Make a splash during Water week at Cragside

Saturday 1 - Friday 7 August

Join us to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Tumbleton Lake and one of Cragside's most precious resources - water! Build water rockets, join a water walk and enjoy the Tumbleton Lake mini regatta.

Don't miss the Big Cragside Water Fight on Thursday 6 August - bring your water pistols, have your super soakers at the ready, grab as many water bombs as you can carry and prepare for a soaking! 

*Charges may apply for some events. Normal admission charges will apply 

Time to Dress!

Step back in time with Time to Dress! © National Trust

Step back in time with Time to Dress!

5 August, 12 August, 19 August

A truly immersive experience for children. Dress up in Victorian clothing, from bloomers to hats, with your very own personal servant on hand to assist. You'll soon see why they needed a maid for dressing! 

Then, why not take a walk around the house and amaze the visitors!?

Suitable for ages 4-12. £10 per 1 hour session for up to 3 children, normal admission charges apply. Booking essential. 

Tree week

Don't look down! Climb a tree with the foresters on Thursday 20 August © National Trust

Don't look down! Climb a tree with the foresters on Thursday 20 August

Monday 17 - Sunday 23 August 

Explore tree-mendous Cragside with a week of activities celebrating some of our most spectacular residents! Try the new house trail, be a tree detective with a Tracker Pack and make paper costume dolls. 

Don't miss the chance to climb a tall tree with the Foresters (20 August) - get harnessed in and see what life is like as a foresters. Just don't look down! *£6 for a 30 minute slot. (Min. waist size 28", max. weight 100kg. Sturdy boots required) 

50 things week

Tick off a different 50 things activity every day of the week! © National Trust

Tick off a different 50 things activity every day of the week!

Monday 24 - Sunday 30 August

Join us for a week of 50 things fun when we'll be tackling different 50 things activities every day. Get creative with No. 18 Create some wild art, set up a snail race for No.17, go on an adventure with No. 29 Explore a cave or have a go at everyone's favourite No. 1 Climb a tree. 

(Most activities are self led - pick up a free 50 things scrap book from the Visitor Centre! See below for details of arranged events) 

Untold stories

Delve into the past with Untold Stories at Cragside... © National Trust

Delve into the past with Untold Stories at Cragside...

Wednesday 2 September and Wednesday 16 September,  11am - 12pm

Join a guided walk around the house with Carole Evans, our Learning Officer. Hear the interesting and unexpected stories of the ‘other’ Lord Armstrongs and their impact upon Cragside. What happened to the first Lord’s art collection? Why must we not ‘throng’ the kitchen? What is the reward for a ten minute lecture on electricity? Come along and find out!

£5* Normal admission charges will apply. Booking is essential - please book online or call 0844 249 1895.

Wildlife weekend: The birds of Cragside....

Discover the birds of Cragside and Upper Coquetdale with Andrew Sawyer © NTPL/972951

Discover the birds of Cragside and Upper Coquetdale with Andrew Sawyer

 Friday 18 September, 11am - 12pm

David Dippie Dixon was Lord Armstrong’s Archivist and in 1903 listed the birds of Upper Coquetdale, Cragside and the Upper Coquet Valley in his book. Conservation Manager Andrew Sawyer looks at the status of the birds in 1903 in comparison today, accompanied by Victorian illustrations.

£6* including a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits at the Coachman’s House. Booking essential, please call 01669 622001.

Garden walks

Tulips will be blooming at Cragside from late March through to May

Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 12-1pm

Join one of our volunteer gardeners for a guided walk through the formal gardens. The tour includes an introduction to the different parts of the garden and seasonal highlights. 

Free (normal admission charges will apply)

Ranger walks

Saturdays 1:30-3:30pm

Join one of our Rangers for a rugged hike and explore parts of Cragside that are off the beaten track. You’ll be led through the amazing landscape of rocks, caves and secret pathways that you just can’t see through the car window.

Free (normal admission charges will apply)

Engineering walks

The Archimedes screw in situ at Cragside, Northumberland

16 June, 21 July, 5 August, 15 September, 1-3pm

Join our engineer Robin Wright for a 3 mile walk to explore all things engineering at Cragside. Hear all about William Armstrong and his lifelong passion for water power. Include steeps terrain. 

Family versions in school holidays – beware, you might get a bit wet!

Free (normal admission charges will apply)