Facilities & access


  • Parking - free parking at Danbury Commons, 1 mile south from Danbury village centre along B1418 and Blake's Wood car park 2 miles north from Danbury village centre towards Lt Baddow, then left into Rifhams Chase; donations welcome
  • Picnic areas - enjoy a picnic in the main car park area at Danbury Common
  • Tea-room - (not National Trust) at Eves Corner in Danbury
  • Pub - Cricketers pub is close to Danbury Common
  • Dogs - well-behaved dogs welcome, except in the picnic area. Please clear up after your dog
  • Guided walks - available for school and adult groups. Please contact the estate office on 01245 222669
  • Toilets - nearest at Eves Corner in the centre of Danbury village
  • Information boards and maps can be found at the entrances to both Danbury Common and Blake's Wood

Family & children

  • Pushchairs and baby back-carriers admitted
  • Children's quiz/trail
  • Big open spaces on Danbury Common are ideal for kite flying.


  • Mobility parking - both car parks have uneven surfaces and there are no designated accessible parking spaces
  • Adapted toilets - nearest accessible public toilets in centre of Danbury
  • Danbury Common is accessible from the car park, but is boggy in winter and wet weather. The ash surfaces on the bridleway are generally flatter and smoother. Blake's Wood is rougher and sloped with tree roots and narrow bridges
  • Pathways - no gates or stiles are at either site
  • Seating - benches at various points around both sites