Devil's Dyke

View along the glorious rolling downland of Devil's Dyke
Devil's Dyke in early summer National Trust/Graham Welfare

A legendary beauty spot on the South Downs

Devil's Dyke

Things to see and do

Delicate wild garlicflowers carpet the floor and fils the air with their deliciously pungent scent
Wild garlic carpets the floor and fills the air with a pungent scent National Trust Images / David Noton

Our walking trails

Take on one of our varied walking trails in the stunning countryside around Devil's Dyke.

Devil's Dyke

What's on

A cup of tea and a break during a Saddlescombe Farm megabash event
Saddlescombe Farm megabash National Trust/Graham Welfare
Devil's Dyke

Get involved

Volunteers watch a pile of scrub burn on a countryside site as they clear the woody material to allow the more fragile chalk grassland to flourish
Volunteers clear scrub to allow the more fragile chalk grassland to flourish National Trust Images / Jason Ingram

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