Downs Banks

A little wilderness of woodlands and heath in the heart of the Midlands

Downs Banks

Things to see and do

Fly Agaric
In Autumn, the fly agaric displays in woods all around the Downs Paul Roberts

Enjoy one of our walks 

Walkers of these two trails will find a secret valley, a wealth of wildlife, panoramic views, wonderful woodland and much more.

Downs Banks

Our work

The Lions Bridge
The Lions’ Bridge was built with the help of the Stone Lions Club Paul Roberts

Building the Lions' Bridge 

Learn more about the construction of the wooden bridge that crosses the Downs Banks Brook.

Downs Banks

Get involved

Volunteers discussing the final position of a fence post
Volunteering is a great way to join in Paul Roberts

Become a volunteer 

Find out how our volunteers help care for the countryside at Downs Banks and how you can join the team.

Downs Banks


Sloes growing in September
Sloes in September, ripe for the picking Rod Whiteman

Sloe Gin 

Ranger Rod tells you how to make his favourite winter tipple.