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An old family home with a modern twist...

Enchanted wooded parkland, sweeping gardens and a house with a surprise, Dudmaston is something unexpected in the Shropshire countryside. A much loved home for over 875 years you will find the family rooms scattered with photos and perhaps an odd pair of shoes or two peeping out from under a table. The unexpected galleries create a total contrast, with their formal, crisp lines. They were designed by the last owner, Rachel, Lady Labouchere, to house her and her husband’s differing modern and traditional collections of art for the visitor to peruse.

The gardens provide amazing vistas and tranquillity while the orchard is the perfect place to relax and for the children to let off steam. For more stunning views and getting up close to nature head to Big Pool and Dingle woods, while the wider estate provides extensive walking routes for year round enjoyment.

Dudmaston Hall is the family home of Mr and Mrs Mark Hamilton-Russell.

Don’t miss… 

• Meander through the Dingle and compare views past and present.

• Take a stroll around Big Pool for uninterrupted views of the Hall.

• Collect the gardener’s diary from outside the stable block and enjoy all the beauty that the garden has to offer in our top 10 trail.

• Find out what’s in season in our Kitchen Garden and try it for yourself in our tea-room.

• Take a seat in the oak room and browse the family photo album

• Enjoy a travel through the Hall with the Labouchere’s on their diplomatic journey.

  • The orange wildflowers complement the house beautifully. © National Trust

    The Wildflower Border begins to bloom,

    The rockery top border was cleared in early 2014 to eradicate an outbreak of Phytophthora and wildflowers were planted for the summer. This proved to be so popular with visitors that we have decided to continue it for this year. Some of last years planting has already started to bloom so we currently have a sea of orange, however new planting has taken place so join us during the summer and watch how the colours change.

  •  © National Trust

    The Rockery re-opens

    During the autumn of 2014, the Rockery experienced a small collapse which meant that it had to be closed. This gave National Trust surveyors the perfect opportunity to take a close look at the construction of this beautiful structure and especially the unusual herringbone effect and decide how best to conserve it. In the past few weeks, stonemasons have been reconstructing the damaged area and their work is now complete. Take a look when next in the garden, the effect is like a work of art.

Meet the family

The Hamilton-Russell family

The Hamilton-Russell family

Shropshire is a county that never ceases to surprise and Dudmaston is surely one of the reasons why. Representing over eight and a half centuries of history the house, parkland and woodlands have been through a succession of changes culminating in architectural as well as historical wonders. Throughout these changes it is remarkable that there has been no break in family lineage. Having succeeded my Great Aunt upon her death, we, and my parents before us, are still continually finding new and exciting places to explore in this peaceful and tranquil corner of the county. It is our hope that, working together with The National Trust, we continue to add to the fusion of old and new which gives Dudmaston its unexpected unity – and Elfrida, I and our children Oscar and Rachel welcome you to our home and hope that you get as much enjoyment from the estate as we do.


Mark Hamilton-Russell

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