Things to see & do

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Our coastal walks are a hidden gem - providing sights that will amaze. All with the natural habitat of our well known and favourite wildlife preserved. 


We offer activities for children and adults alike. From brand new ones such as "Geocache" treasure hunts and a bug zone to our SeaWatch hut, lookout and sandy beach there really is lots to do.


Our conservation upholds the natural habitat of Dunwich Heath and is vital to this area. The wildlife ranges from our famous Dartford warbler to red deer, ants, bees, porpoise, seals, owls and more.

50 things to do...

50 things to do before youre 11¾ © National Trust

50 things to do before youre 11¾

We can help you complete 28 of the 50 things here at Dunwch Heath!  Borrow a tracker pack from Heath Barn to help you.

Don't miss...

  • Listen out for the bellowing of red deer during the mating season
  • Fabulous fungi, big and small, make an appearance in the autumn
  • A walk along the beach to blow the cobwebs away
  • One of Rob's amazing scones from the tearoom
  • The heather when it's in full bloom, it really is a sea of colour