The rare Dartford warbler

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Give us a tweet and share your favourite pictures

Bug hunting

Our bug basement has been designed to enable our visitors to find and learn more about the insects that live on the heath.  Join an organised bug hunt or borrow a tracker pack and go exploring!

Pond dipping

We run pond dipping throughout the year - weather permitting!  We have water scorpians, water stick insects, newts and boatman.  Come and see what you can discover!


If you're lucky you could spot an adder amongst the heath. Try the birch walk if you would like to see one.

Red deer

Red deer

Spotting a group of red deer amongst the heather is a beautiful site. The heather trail through the shooting butts is your best chance to spot these beautiful animals.

Bees & Wasps

Many different types of bees and wasps have called Dunwich conservation site their home. Walk along our birch walk and check out their habitat.


There are many types of fungi scattered around our site and they look beautiful. How many different types can you find?