The long-lost owner of Melford Hall

The long-lost owner of Melford Hall

Success in search for Melford's long-lost owner

Melford Hall in Suffolk has finally unearthed a portrait of its long-lost owner – largely thanks to a mysterious little red bag. The painting in question was thought for 200 years to be a 17th century Archbishop of York, but experts have now discovered it is in fact Thomas Savage.

Successful breeding season for grey seals

The pupping season is over at Blakeney Point and we think Ranger Ajay has the best job. Last year the colony reached more than 1,000 pups for the first time, and this year an amazing 1,566 pups were born. That’s a massive increase from the 25 that were first recorded there in 2001. 

Restoring a Georgian townhouse

After four years of hard work – Wainman House in Wisbech has been saved for future generations thanks to a £1 million restoration project; which has seen this magnificent townhouse lovingly renovated, restored and redecorated back to its former glory.