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Notice: Please take care on Newton beach as the recent spring tides have brought broken glass and pottery on to the shoreline

Breathtaking stretch of silver sands surrounded by wildlife-rich dunes

The sandy beach is backed by dunes where a variety of flowers bloom: bluebells, cowslips, burnet roses and, to give it its common name, bloody cranesbill, amongst others.

Stretch your legs

Enjoy the magnificent view of Dunstanburgh Castle on a Great British Walk

Enjoy the magnificent view of Dunstanburgh Castle on a Great British Walk

Embleton Bay is a magnificent stretch of sand and dunes between Low Newton and the majestic ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle, perfect for an easy wander. If you'd rather just relax and enjoy the scenery, then bring a rug and a picnic and find a nice spot on the lower slopes of the dunes. 

Northumberland Coast Blog

Embleton and Newton Links are part of our Northumberland Coast group. You can read about some of the work we get up to here in our Coast Blog, which is added to by staff and volunteers.

Looking after the North East coast

We're proud to look after some amazing stretches of coastline in our bit of the North East, from the spectacular sweep of Embleton Bay and the amazing wildlife on the Farne Islands to the iconic castles of Lindisfarne and Dunstanburgh. We couldn't do what we do without your support, so thank you to everyone who enables us to continue our work.