Learn something new with every visit to Erddig

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Book a heritage learning visit

Use the booking form to complete as much information as possible about your visit.  We will contact you to confirm the visit and any other details.

If you need more information, phone 01978 315156 or email Rhiannon Cooke.

Self-directed visits

Self directed school trip to the parkland at Erddig

Both environmental and heritage learning programmes welcome self-directed visits. Advance booking needed. 

There is the option of hiring equipment and a room. Contact us for more information.

Environmental visits

Complete your booking form with as much detail as possible. We will then contact you to confirm the visit and discuss any further information.

If you need more information, phone 01978 315191 or email Hayley Foster.

Find out more about the servants

The Yorke family recorded their servants in portraits, photographs and poems. They tell us fascinating stories about the people who worked at Erddig.

Erddig and the Welsh Baccalaureate

A visit from a local college

A visit to Erddig can help students to learn more about the 'Wales, Europe and the world' section of the Welsh Baccalaureate. We've put together a range of worksheets to deepen their knowledge.

And for something completely different