Farnborough Hall

View of the front of the house
Farnborough's honeycoloured stone house is set in a landscaped garden with panaramic views. National Trust

Honey-coloured stone house with exquisite plasterwork and fine landscaped garden

Farnborough Hall

Things to see and do

View over parkland and trees to church steeple
The parkland was designed to show these wondeful view National Trust

Winter walks through the parkland 

Through the panoramic parkland there are several public footpaths to explore the Warwickshire countryside. The views back to the house and it's landscaped garden are beautiful. You can also see some of the restoration work underway in the parkland.

View of house and lawn
Farnborough Hall has been home to the Holbech family since 1684 National Trust

This 18th-century mansion re-opens in April 2016 

Farnborough Hall the home of the Holbech family. Inside you'll see the most spectacular Rococo plasterwork while outside the memorable terraced walk has views over the Warwickshire countryside.

Farnborough Hall


Dining table set with crockery in room with white plasterwrok and paintings on the wall
Equisit plasterwork and paintings from the grand tour adorn the dining room National Trust

Discover the story of this 18th-century family home 

Learn about the people who created Farnborough's house and gardens, and how their tastes influenced this special place.

Farnborough Hall

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