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Notice: Landings by kayaks are restricted on the Farnes during the breeding season, for info email

Rocky islands, habitat for seals and many species of seabird

The Farne Islands are possibly the most exciting seabird colony in England with unrivalled views of 23 species, including around 37,000 pairs of puffin.

It's also home to a large grey seal colony, with more than 1,000 pups born every autumn.

Historically, the islands have strong links with Celtic Christianity and St Cuthbert, who lived here in the 7th Century.

There's also a medieval pele tower and Victorian lighthouse here, plus a visitor centre and easy access boardwalk.

Many of the islands hide underwater at high tide. Visitors pass lots of these inaccessible islets on boat trips - a short journey to a different world!

Bring a picnic, relax, and enjoy the best view of Bamburgh Castle and the Cheviot Hills you can ever have

Opening 2015

The Farne Islands

Inner Farne will be open 28 March to 1 November while Staple Island will be open 1 May - 31 July. For boat information please go to:

Glad Tidings

Golden Gate


St Cuthbert Boat Tours

Spring update

As we get started with the new season, we have an update on some of the goings on on the Farnes including new faces and a few early bird sightings.


Sharing our beaches with birds

Join on the Farnes

As part of the puffin census, we need to take down all their particulars

If you join the National Trust here, your money helps directly with conservation work on the Farnes. You can get a 2 months free offer on the harbour wall or on the Islands themselves.

Northumberland Coast Blog

The Farne Islands are part of our Northumberland Coast group. You can read about some of the work we get up to on the Islands in our Coast Blog, which is added to by staff and volunteers.

Stay with us nearby

While we don't have any holiday cottages on the Farnes, we do have four National Trust cottages nearby which are great bases from which to explore the area. Please click below to find out more

Breeding season report 2014

 The Farnes has a diverse population of birds coming to breed on the islands. Our rangers carry out important studies on their numbers and distribution and you can read about their findings here.