North Hampshire Centre

Children at The Vyne, Hampshire.
The Vyne is the closest National Trust place to the North Hampshire Centre National Trust Images / John Millar

The North Hampshire Centre was founded in 1985 and current membership numbers are approaching 300. Our aim is to encourage membership of The National Trust, to arrange a programme of events for the enjoyment of our members and to raise funds for the Trust's local and national appeals.

The Vyne is our closest National Trust place and has benefited from our purchase of an electric golf buggy and funds to help the restoration of the ram pump and to buy shelves for the new glasshouse. 
Some of our members volunteer as guides or help with conservation and maintenance projects at other National Trust places. We welcome new members and are especially interested in hearing from anyone who may be interested in joining the committee. If you are new to the area, joining the Centre is a good way to meet likeminded people.

Get in touch

For more information and to join the North Hampshire Centre, please contact the Supporter Group Liaison Team on 01793 817636.

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