Our position on shooting

 photograph of Sir Vauncey Harpur Crewe, c.1924, on heathland with gun over left shoulder
Our position on shooting National Trust Images

Peter Nixon, Director of Conservation, said: "We are well aware of the importance of countryside traditions and welcome well managed shooting activity on our properties, where this fits in with our principal purposes of conservation and access.

"We will continue to allow shooting unless there is a conflict with nature conservation or public access which cannot be reconciled.

"We will do everything we reasonably can to ensure shooting and access and conservation can coexist. We expect the shooting community to play their role in examining how shooting operates – there may be a need for shooting to be managed in different ways."

December 2013

A badger on the cliff edge of the Pentire Farm estate on the Rumps Peninsula, North Cornwall
Badger on the Rumps Peninsula, North Cornwall National Trust Images / Joe Cornish

Our view on badgers and bovine TB 

The culling of badgers is not taking place on National Trust land. As a major landowner with many farming tenants, we understand how devastating an outbreak of bovine TB can be.

Fly fishing at Watersmeet, Devon
Fly fishing at Watersmeet National Trust Images / John Millar

Our position on field sports 

We recognise that hunting is an issue that polarises people's opinions and provokes strong reactions.

A grey seal pup
A new-born grey seal pup, on the Farne Islands National Trust/Farne Ranger


As the UK's biggest land owner, we look after a lot of nature and wildlife. We strive to maintain our land as an environment that supports a rich diversity of life.