Information for suppliers

View of Edale from Edale Rocks at Kinder Scout in the Peak District, Derbyshire
Edale Rocks at Kinder Scout in the Peak District National Trust Images / Joe Cornish

As a UK conservation charity protecting historic places and green spaces it is important that goods and services meet our requirements and comply to our terms and conditions.

All orders will be subject to our standard terms and conditions unless different terms and conditions have been agreed between the supplier and the National Trust.

Sustainable Procurement

For us, making every penny count means getting the best price whilst minimising damage to the environment, supporting our local communities, treating our suppliers fairly and encouraging them to uphold our sustainability ethos.


The National Trust is introducing a new supplier management system, Proactis. This will help us work efficiently with our suppliers and make sure we hold accurate and up-to-date information. Our registered suppliers will also have access to all tender opportunities for us and other organisations engaged with them via Proactis. And by operating more efficiently, we’ll be better positioned to support our cause.
We’ll write to our suppliers with details when we’re ready to start trading with them via Proactis, and they won’t need to take any action before then. If you are a prospective supplier who would like to tender your goods or services to the National Trust, please register on Proactis now at

Existing Suppliers

If you have queries about billing, invoicing or payments please contact the National Trust’s Finance Service Centre, Epsom Court, Epsom Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire
BA14 0XF. Tel 0844 800 4201 Email
A distant view of people walking at Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland
Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland National Trust Images / Joe Cornish
Our cause

Our cause 

While we're very passionate about open spaces and historic places, we're working hard in other areas too. We care about energy, the environment, food, farming, transport and heritage - to name just a few of our concerns.