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Red Squirrels at Formby

Formby Red Squirrel 

Formby Red Squirrel

The red squirrels at Formby have had a tough few years; with harsh winters and an outbreak of the squirrel pox virus, the numbers had fallen so far that the population was almost wiped out.

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Red Squirrells at Formby

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to our Just Giving Campaign. We have now received the funds necessary to complete the tree planting. This will help to secure a natural food source for the red squirrels for the next 100 years and more!

Why conifers?

Looking up the length of the conifers make you realise how mighty they are!

Red squirrels gain a competitive advantage over greys within conifer forests. The reds can survive on small conifer seeds, whereas greys are more restricted to deciduous habitats that provide larger seeds of higher calorific value.

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A view across the Marram and Sea-lyme sand dunes at Formby Point © Joe Cornish

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