Frensham Little Pond

Bishops fish pond amidst stunning heathland and abundant wildlife

Frensham Little Pond

Things to see and do

Telescope at Frensham Little Pond Surrey

Our new telescope 

I spy with my little eye something beginning with T. Come bird watching with us...

Frensham Little Pond

What's on 

Family looking at nature

What's on 

Across the Surrey Hills including Frensham Little Pond, we’ve a wide range of events, guided nature walks and activities to entertain the whole family.

Frensham Little Pond


A nightjar, a rare ground-nesting bird, held by a ranger at night

The pond and beyond 

Learn about all of the different wildlife that has come to call our pond its home and see how you can help to preserve it by doing some really simple things.

Frensham Little Pond


Tern cafe Frensham Little Pond

Refreshments at Frensham Little Pond 

Whether you fancy cake or coffee or a revitalising snack, our café will have something to tempt you (re-opens on Saturday 13 February).

Frensham Little Pond

Our work

Frensham Little Pond in Surrey

Returning Frensham to nature 

Our pond has come along way since it's military days, and, with a lot of work, it's been reclaimed as a sanctuary for wildlife.

Frensham Little Pond

Get involved

A group of National Trust volunteers

Volunteer with us 

We always welcome volunteers who love the outdoors, plus it's a great way to make new friends and learn new skills.

Frensham Little Pond