Formation of the Giant's Causeway

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What's the story?

How did the Giant's Causeway come to be? It is a question that has stirred debate for centuries. Our new Giant's Causeway Visitor Experience reveals all.

Spanish wreck

Port na Spaniagh, Spaniard Rock and the Spanish Organ are a few features at the Giant's Causeway. But what's the story behind these names?

Maritime heritage

The National Trust is refurbishing a century-old racing skiff to bring back the local maritime past.

National Trust and the Giant's Causeway 1961-2003

 © National Trust

The National Trust has cared for the Giant’s Causeway for over 50 years. Here are some key moments.

Key moments 2005- 2012

 © National Trust / Peter Nash

We are proud guardians of this very special landscape, which was awarded World Heritage Site status in 1986.