Education & learning at the causeway

The Giant's Causeway is not just a visitor attraction, it is a valuable educational facility that provides a wealth of learning experiences for pupils.

Each of our visiting students take away a workbook which can be revisited in the classroom, recapping what they have learned from their visit. Answers to these workbook questions and quizzes are included on this page.

For more information about our programs, and answers to the 'Managing a World Heritage Site' booklet, contact Learning & Visitor Experience Manager, Eleanor Killough. You can also watch a video of Eleanor talking about her job on the Our Work page. 

School membership

Did you know, for as little as £39 per year, you can buy an education membership that allows your school free access to all National Trust places in the UK?

Memberships can be purchased on arrival at the Giant's Causeway.

Giant Discoveries word search solution

Word Search solution to Giants Causeway Primary activity book

Word Search solution to Giants Causeway Primary activity book

Trail puzzle & CSI causeway

Solutions to Geology Rocks trail puzzle


  • Sea stacks & coastal erosion
  • Glaciers exposing the columns; carving the boot
  • Foot path erosion
  • Weathered basalt - Laterite
  • Freeze-thaw weathering
  • Landslides/rockfalls
  • Onion Skin rocks
  • Desire Lines

Geology Rocks! Atlantic widening diagram

Geology Rocks, Atlantic Widening answers © National Trust

Geology Rocks, Atlantic Widening answers

Local View: Annotated map

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