Glastonbury Tor

A view of Glastonbury Tor and St Michael's tower at it's summit
Enjoy spectacular 360 degree views from this iconic landmark Jim Elliott

Prominent hill overlooking the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury and Somerset

Glastonbury Tor

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Brent Knoll on a summer day
Brent Knoll on a summer day Jim Elliott

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From Brean Down to Glastonbury Tor, Visit Somerset's free 360 app lets you explore six jaw-dropping views.

Glastonbury Tor

What's on 

Visitors climbing Glastonbury Tor to the 15th century tower at the top
Admire the views from the top of one of the most spiritual sites in the country Jim Elliott

What's on 

A great spot for wildlife watching, walking and even apple-picking in the orchards on the slopes of the hill. There's something for everyone at Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor


Glastonbury Tor, Somerset
The Tor's past is long and sometimes gruesome National Trust Images / James Dobson

Delve into the past 

Glastonbury Tor has an ancient and varied history, discover more on a visit to this ancient National Trust site.

Glastonbury Tor


Young rabbit nibbling grass, Glastonbury Tor, Somerset
Breakfast time for a young rabbit National Trust Images / Robert Morris

Wildlife on the Tor 

Glastonbury Tor is a haven for local wildlife, see what you can find.

Glastonbury Tor

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Hedgelaying at Glastonbury Tor, Somerset
Hedgelaying at Glastonbury Tor National Trust

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Discover what we do on and around Glastonbury Tor.