Going back in time...

See history in this ancient landscape

See history in this ancient landscape

Hadrian's Wall and Housesteads Fort is immersed in history dating back to AD122, but there's so much more to it than that.


Don't miss...

  • Milecastle 37
  • Sycamore Gap
  • Stunning walks along side the Wall
  • Witnessing the amazing stone work
  • The beautiful views of Northumberland
  • The historic Housesteads Fort
  • Seeing the well-preserved latrines
  • The fantastic replica in the English Heritage museum showing what the Fort would have looked like now
  • Seeing where the soldiers would have lived
  • Using one of our walks to make your way around the area

Hadrian's Wall

Built around AD122, the original construction of Hadrian’s Wall took six years to complete and it is estimated that more than a million cubic metres of stone were used.


Housesteads Fort

A Roman Fort, looking towards Sewingshields Crags

The Wall has sixteen permanent bases of which Housesteads Fort is one of the best preserved. Excavations at the Fort revealed a turreted curtain wall, three barrack blocks and well-preserved latrines.

Sycamore Gap

Walk along the wall to the famous Sycamore Gap, seen in Robin Hood (1991)

Who would have guessed that a tree creating a beautiful view would become so famous? Well, Sycamore Gap is and has even featured in the Hollywood movie 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves'.