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Roman wall running through an often wild landscape

Witness the stunning views, explore natural wilderness and become immersed in the history while visiting Hadrian’s Wall and Housesteads Fort.

Walk alongside the wall to Milecastle 37 and the famous Sycamore Gap, taking in the amazing sights along the way.

Visit the Fort for a real insight into Roman military life and discover the past behind the archaeological remains, using the stone walls as a guide around the village south of the fort and envisage the different chambers and rooms.

Note: The Fort is owned by National Trust but maintained by English Heritage.

A couple head outdoors and venture to Hadrianâ¿¿s Wall © National Trust / Joe Cornish

A couple head outdoors and venture to Hadrianâ¿¿s Wall

Exploring Hadrian's Wall

There's much more to Hadrian's Wall Country than meets the eye. If you're the creative type perhaps a day with professional photographer Roger Clegg sounds appealing?

Alternatively, spend a couple of hours with World Heritage expert, John Scott to learn about this WHS in the wider context. If you have any questions about Hadrian's Wall, please do bring them along.

Family time

Lots of people ask us how we look after the sites we do. if you'd like to find out exactly what it takes, as a family, then join us for a Family Working Holiday at Allen Banks and Staward Gorge, just six miles from Hadrian's Wall.

Diary dates

We're not quite at our best. After welcoming walking groups, school classes and people from all around the world, a little TLC is required at the visitor centre. So we'll be closed for decoration from 23 - 27 February.