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Roman wall running through an often wild landscape

Witness the stunning views, explore natural wilderness and become immersed in the history while visiting Hadrian’s Wall and Housesteads Fort.

Walk alongside the wall to Milecastle 37 and the famous Sycamore Gap, taking in the amazing sights along the way.

Visit the Fort for a real insight into Roman military life and discover the past behind the archaeological remains, using the stone walls as a guide around the village south of the fort and envisage the different chambers and rooms.

Note: The Fort is owned by National Trust but maintained by English Heritage.

Join us for a Great British Walk

Where will you discover on your next walk? © National Trust

Where will you discover on your next walk?

We're all about the outdoors and walking really does help to put a smile on your face.

There are fantastic colours on the trees and walking paths around the Wall, so whether you're after a small circular venture or a full day's walk from one section of the wall to another you can take in the history, admire the views and enjoy your time.

50 things to do before you're 11 ¾

How many different species can you spot? © NTPL/Daniel Bosworth

How many different species can you spot?

Join in '50 Things to do before you're 11 ¾' by heading outdoors and make a grass trumpet (no. 25), Hold a scary beast (no. 30) and Catch a falling leaf (no. 33).

Work on the trickier tasks like Camp out in the wild (no. 3), Cook on a camp fire (no. 47), Go on a really long bike ride (no. 11), Build a den (no. 4) and Explore a cave (no. 29), by joining in our events.

Wall Face

Visit eleven sites along Hadrian’s Wall and see the Wall Face exhibition © NTPL/Hadrian's Wall Trust

Visit eleven sites along Hadrian’s Wall and see the Wall Face exhibition

'Wall Face: Portraits of people who revealed Hadrian's Wall' is open from 21 August - 9 November across eleven sites along Hadrian's Wall Country.

The exhibition features 11 prints and photographs of pioneering archaeologists and antiquarians, who all played a role in preserving Hadrian's Wall, from the National Portrait Gallery.

Explore the area for longer

If you love walking then why not stay a little longer to truly explore Hadrian's Wall Country? We're offering 20% off Housesteads farmhouse, located just 50 yards away from Housesteads Fort.

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