Houghton Mill dates back over 1000 years  © National Trust

Houghton Mill dates back over 1000 years

Flowing through time

Houghton Mill is the last working water mill on the River Great Ouse. The present building, which towers five stories high and dates from the mid 18th century with 19th and 20th century additions, actually has origins which date back to 974, when it was linked with the Benedictine Abbey at Ramsey.

Potto Brown

The best-known miller at Houghton Mill is the 19th century Quaker Potto Brown. A philanthropist, he founded local schools and a chapel. After his death, a bronze bust was erected in the village square.

Arthur Chopping

Arthur Chopping dressing the stones at Houghton Mill, c.1925

We know very little about the men and women who worked at the mill, however one name we know is that of Arthur Chopping. He worked at the mill during its heyday under Potto Brown.

Joseph Goodman

Houghton Mill, 1906

Potto Brown had a business partner, Joseph Goodman. Following his death in 1844, Brown continued to expand the business by building mills at St Ives and Godmanchester with the help of Goodman's sons.