For families

Explore the abbey as a family 

Explore the abbey as a family

Enjoy time as a family

Lacock is the perfect destination for a day out with your family.

It's play time

Download our play leaflet (pdf) and have an adventure in the abbey grounds, inspired by nature and Lacock's stories.

Rainy days

Raining cats and dogs? Keep dry and visit the medieval cloisters and the abbey, enjoy one of the trails and help us find all the kittens in the rooms.

Learn all about the invention of photography in the Fox Talbot Museum and see a fascinating star photography exhibition.

Alternatively pop on your wellies and raincoats and explore the abbey grounds. Hear the raindrops on the leaves and see who can make the biggest splash in the puddles.

Fun events for everybody

We have a full programme of family events and activities throughout the year, from picnics and outdoor theatre in the summer, to fun Christmas events in the winter.

Plant hunter trail

Giant flowers have mysteriously grown at Lacock

Giant flowers have mysteriously grown at Lacock

4 March – 30 June

When William Henry Fox Talbot was a young boy, he loved learning about plants.

On this self-led trail you can draw the flowers you find, discover the Latin names for them and be inspired to spot fascinating plants - just like Fox Talbot did.

Please note this trail will not be available on 20 and 21 April and between 24 May and 1 June, due to the Easter trail and May half-term activities.

Spring spotter


How many plants and creatures will you spot this spring at Lacock Abbey?

Pick up a spring spotter sheet in the botanic garden and find out.

Please return them when you're done, so other families can enjoy them too.

Or you can download yours today (pdf)

Cadbury Easter Egg Trail

2014 Cadbury Easter Egg Trail Logo

This Easter you can be an Eggsplorer at Lacock Abbey with our annual Cadbury Easter Egg Trail.

Crack up with laughter, as you find all the Easter themed jokes around the grounds and win a Cadbury chocolate Egghead.

  • £1.50 per trail
  • Start at Visitor Reception
  • Last trail at 4pm (we're open till 5.30pm)

Have a wild time at Lacock Abbey

There is a new outdoor adventure around every corner at Lacock. Young explorers can get busy completing their 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ in the abbey grounds.

  • Don't miss: Our 50 things activity den with fun workshops (weekdays in the summer holiday only)

Our family facilities checklist

  • A children's play area in the village
  • Plenty of places to play in the abbey grounds
  • Nappy-changing facilities in all our toilets
  • Hip seats for loan at the abbey (sorry no pushchairs on first floor)
  • Family trails for you to enjoy
  • Year-round events and activities for families
  • Wildlife spotter sheets for each season

Our top 10 for a fun family day out at Lacock

  • Follow the path leading into the woodland garden at Lacock Abbey © Sue Carter

    Play hide and seek

    Play hide and seek in the abbey's woodland grounds.

  • A family enjoy a day out in the cloisters of Lacock Abbey © Arnhel de Serra

    Cast a spell

    Challenge someone to a wizard duel in the abbey cloisters.

  • Nature is fascinating close up © National Trust

    Get a closer look

    Pick up a leaf, stick or a pebble and find the magnifying posts dotted around the grounds to get a closer look at your treasures.

  • The grounds of Lacock Abbey are the perfect place to play © Arnhel de Serra

    Give a tree a hug

    See who can find the biggest tree - just give it a hug and see how far around your arms will reach.

  • There are plenty of places to play around Lacock © Arnhel de Serra

    Play pooh sticks

    Challenge each other to a game of pooh sticks on the pack horse bridge in Lacock Village.

  • The tower at Lacock Abbey is a fascinating spot for families to explore © Arnhel de Serra

    Get hands on

    Have a go at the hands-on activities dotted around the abbey.

  • Find your own den © National Trust

    Become an explorer

    Explore the abbey grounds to find our willow tunnel to play in.

  • Whilst visiting Lacock there are plenty of family trails to complete © Arnhel de Serra

    Get on the trail

    Take part in family trails both inside the abbey and around the abbey grounds, there is a new one every month.

  • Swing on a rope swing and bag one of your 50 things © National Trust

    Have a woodland adventure

    Can you find the rope swing and stepping logs in the woodland garden?

  • Keep on the grass

    Now there's a refreshing change - discover lots of places to play with our guide to family play at Lacock.