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  • Benches and lawns provide places to rest and take in your surroundings
  • Wheelchairs are available to borrow - just ask at reception or the Gatehouse
  • You're welcome to picnic on the lawns or at the picnic benches in the grounds
  • Bring a ball or kite and have fun with the kids
  • Join a free garden tour with one of our volunteer guides from March onwards
  • Come along in the evening for one of our outdoor theatre events in the summer

Autumn in Lanhydrock's garden

Acer leaves changing colour in the autumn © NT_NEN_Sheffield Park

Lanhydrock takes on hues of gold, orange and red in autumn as the trees in the higher gardens and estate take on their seasonal colours. Find out what's looking its best right now and what essential autumn jobs the garden team are doing.

Autumn highlights

Pretty as a parrot

I wonder why it got its name?  © National Trust

Whatever the weather, there's never a dull day at Lanhydrock. The garden is still full of colour in autumn.

The parrotia tree in our higher garden has a glorious display of autumnal yellow and orange.

A promise for spring

The magnolia seed pods you can see in the higher garden in autumn promise a © National Trust

The magnolia seed pods are forming now in the higher garden.

Look out for the long pink pods on the trees - the more you see now, the better the colourful flower show will be in the spring.

Knock-out blooms

Dahlia ’Knock out’ flowers beautifully in the Herbaceous border in Autumn © National Trust

The herbaceous borders are still looking fine with some late-flowering plants filling the beds with colour.

Look out for the stunning dahlia 'Knock out' and bright pink cannas brightening the borders now, before the first frosts come.

Want to take our plants home?

The old kitchen garden is now our nursery, where we grow plants for the gardens and for sale.

If you see a plant you like in our gardens, call into our plant centre and take one home with you.

A garden with history

Aerial shot showing Lanhydrock House and garden © National Trust

Aerial shot showing Lanhydrock House and garden

It's not just the house at Lanhydrock that's 'listed', the gardens are as well.

You can find out more about how the gardens developed from the 17th century onwards in the display in the higher garden's thatched cottage, or just ask one of our friendly gardeners.

A touch of formality

One of the cast bronze urns in the parterre prior to conservation © National Trust

One of the cast bronze urns in the parterre prior to conservation

The fabulous formal parterre brings a real touch of grandeur to the gardens.

Take a stroll through the neat, planted beds and check out the cheeky cherubs on the urns.

Blooming borders

Bird’s eye view © National Trust

Bird’s eye view

Our garden team work throughout the year to maintain our herbaceous borders and keep them filled with flowers and fragrant plants.

Take the weight off your feet in the seating area and enjoy the results of our labour.

Up on high

Lanhydrock’s higher garden in the autumn sun © John Browning

Lanhydrock’s higher garden in the autumn sun

You're sure to find a peaceful spot in our higher gardens to enjoy your surroundings.

Don't forget to visit the thatched cottage, where one of the Victorian gardeners lived and died. You can find out more about the historic gardeners and about garden planning here.

Marvellous magnolias

A profusion of magnolia flowers in Lanhydrock’s higher garden © National Trust

A profusion of magnolia flowers in Lanhydrock’s higher garden

Lanhydrock is famous for its fabulous magnolia trees which are found all around the higher gardens.

We've even got a magnolia arch by the thatched cottage, which you can walk through to explore the higher gardens.

Ask the team

The team look busy in front of Lanhydrock house © National Trust

The team look busy in front of Lanhydrock house

The garden team work throughout the week so you're likely to spot one of us going about our tasks as you walk around the gardens.

We're always happy to help, so make the most of the opportunity to ask us about the plants you see or for tips on how we keep the place looking so lovely.