Medieval buildings

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Art and galleries

Learn more about Lavenhams timber framed heritage in the Guildhall

Lavenham is host to an array of galleries; visitors can find unique examples of local and international arts and crafts. Take a look at the Crooked House Gallery, a building full of  "wonky" charm.

Dining out

Caf├ęs and tearooms

Enjoy a delicious homemade scone as part of your visit © Amy Mountney

Lavenham is home to a wide choice of tearooms and small cafés, where cream teas are part of the regular afternoon menu, including our Guildhall  which is a firm favourite with many visitors. 

Pubs and restaurants

The Swan Pub  © Lavenham Photographic Studio

With a selection of fine dining restaurants, including an Indian restaurant, there are plenty of options for everyone. Favourites include The Swan and The Great House, both well known as hotels as well as restaurants.

Discover wildlife

Take a visit to Lavenham's Dye House Woods, See if you can discover one of the twenty four species of butterflies found in the woods.

Lavenham to Melford railway walk

Follow the route of the old GER line running from Lavenham to Long Melford with chances to see seasonal wild flowers and wildlife in their natural habitat.

Crooked houses walk

Discover Lavenham's little gems of medieval splendour on our Crooked houses walk; see if you can make your way around with a compass. For more information please contact reception.