Dog owners

Bringing your dog to Lindisfarne

The headland and beach by the Castle, and the wider walks on Holy Island they link to, are great places to bring your dog for a walk. 

  • Please pick up after your dog. You can put dog waste in any normal rubbish bin, as long as it's in a sealed bag. 
  • Please keep your dog on a lead if there are sheep in the field. 
  • Assistance dogs are welcome in the Castle.
  • If you are happy leaving your dog while you visit the Castle, they can be tied up outside - just ask our admission staff for advice.
  • There is a doggy water bowl at the Castle admissions building.
  • Please check your dog for pirri pirri burs before leaving the island. If you have been walking in the dunes on the north shore of the Island, your dog's coat could well have burrs sticking to it. It is worth checking your own shoes and clothes too. These need to be removed to prevent spreading to other sites.


You can try our downloadable walk when you visit with your dog, or just wander at your own speed.