Cute wild animals and where to find them

Sophia, our Kids' Councillor, has some tips and tricks to share on tracking down wild animals - just remember not to get too close.

Family visitors walking around the lake at Blickling Estate, Norfolk
Will you spot barn owls on your visit to Blickling? National Trust Images / John Millar

Barn Owls 

Barn owls might look cute and fluffy (especially when they are young owlets), but make no mistake about it – these are hunting machines.

A lone puffin on a rock
Visit our places in the south west of England, or Wales and you may well spot a puffin National Trust Images / Joe Cornish


We've so many puffins you don’t need many tips to find one on the Farne Islands.

Dormouse being held in a hand
Will you spot a dormouse on your visit? National Trust Images / Ross Hoddinott


The hazel dormouse is a honey coloured creature, with a furry tail and large black eyes.

Red deer in the shelter of woodland
You can see wild or farmed deer at many of our places National Trust Images / Paul Harris


Deer are often shy and elusive creatures making them very difficult to spot.

Close up of a young, female, grey seal
You can spot seals at many of our coastal places National Trust Images / Joe Cornish


With their huge dark eyes and playful personalities it’s hard not to fall in love with seals.

Wild Ponies grazing near waters edge
Will you spot wild ponies on your visit? David Rhys

Wild Ponies 

A lot of our wild ponies help to look after the land they live on.

Robin perched on a branch
With its distinctive red-breast, the robin is a familiar sight across the UK © National Trust Images / Jonathan Buckley


You might associate robins with Christmas, but you can spot them all year round.

Lake surrounded by reeds
Will you spot water voles on your visit? National Trust Images / Clive Nichols

Water voles 

If you manage to track down a water vole you’re doing well. These once common creatures are now the UK’s fastest declining mammal.

Red Squirrel at Wallington, Northumberland
There are plenty of red squirrels to find in Wallington National Trust Images / Norman Scott

Red squirrels 

Red squirrels are an endangered species and can be very difficult to find.