Fine Farm Produce Awards 2015

Our Fine Farm Produce Awards recognise the best food and drink being produced by our farms and estates. Now in their 10th year, our awards reward and celebrate the ingenuity of the farmers and producers who occupy the 500,000 acres of farmland in our care. This year 37 producers, in total, were recognised for 62 outstanding food, drink and countryside products.

Martyn and Lorraine Glover and their Meuse Rhine Issel cows
Martyn and Lorraine Glover at Ashclyst Farm, Devon Jason Ingram

Overall food winner 

Ashclyst Farm Dairy - Organic Natural Yoghurt. This creamy yoghurt is made with milk from a herd of 80 Meuse Rhine Issel cows. They enjoy a lovely clover-rich diet from organic meadows in the Devonshire countryside, and are looked after by Martyn and Lorraine Glover who have farmed at Ashclyst since 2003.

Charles Palmer walking along vines in his vineyard
Charles Palmer at his vineyard in West Sussex William Shaw

Overall drinks winner 

Charles Palmer Vineyards - 2010 Brut Sparkling Wine. This sparkling wine is made exclusively from hand-selected grapes grown in this family vineyard in West Sussex. The Palmer family planted the first vines back in 2006; turning part of their working farm into a vineyard.

Peter and Gina Smithies at Trehill Farm, Pembrokeshire
Peter and Gina Smithies from Trehill Farm, Pembrokeshire Jason Ingram

Producer of the decade 

Trehill Farm – New Potatoes. Perched on the Pembrokeshire cliff tops, Trehill Farm is a 600-acre coastal holding and home to Peter and Gina Smithies. They’ve been farming at Trehill since 2001 and put the distinct taste of their potatoes down to the farm’s close proximity to the sea.

Fine Farm Produce Award winning beers from Westerham Brewery
Fine Farm Produce Award winning beers from Westerham Brewery National Trust / William Shaw

Success stories 

Since 2005 over 350 products have received this prestigious 'stamp' of approval and the breadth and range of products continues to grow. See how the award has helped some of our previous winners to go from strength to strength.

Clyston Mill flour available from the Killerton Estate shop
Clyston Mill flour Jason Ingram

Where to buy 

If you're interested in buying any of the products from our Fine Farm Produce Awards, this list tells you where you've got the best chance of getting hold of them.