Places with the best dolls' houses

From 18th-century mini palaces to interactive eco-houses, the dolls’ houses at the places we look after are as varied as they are beautiful. Because a lot of our dolls’ houses are very old (and have some enchanting stories to tell), some of them can’t be played with. But even if you can't touch them, you can still learn a lot about how people used to live. Plus, all of our dolls' houses are great for a game of I spy.

Visitors at Hill Top admire Beatrix Potter's dolls' house
Beatrix Potter's dolls' house at Hill Top, Cumbria National Trust Images / Arnhel de Serra

See Beatrix Potter’s dolls' house at Hill Top 

Beatrix Potter's dolls' house at Hill Top, Cumbria, was the magical place that inspired The Tale of Two Bad Mice. Visit with your family to experience the magic.

The dolls' house at Uppark
Explore the miniature rooms National Trust Images / Nadia MacKenzie

See the historical dolls' house at Uppark House 

The 18th-century doll's house at Uppark House in Sussex, and its contents, are incredibly well preserved. They offer a glimpse into the details of what life family life was like at that time.

Children playing with the eco doll's house in the Living Green visitor centre at Morden Hall Park
See our eco doll's house National Trust Images / John Millar

See the eco dolls’ house at Morden Hall Park 

Visit Morden Hall Park in London to take the kids to a dolls' house with a difference. Complete with solar panels, this eco-house is a great, interactive way of teaching children about sustainable living.

Close view of the bedroom in the Doll's House at Wallington, Northumberland
It's all so small - explore the dolls' house room at Wallington National Trust Images / Andreas von Einsiedel

See the dolls' house room at Wallington 

Wallington in Northumberland has a whole room full on beautiful dolls' houses. Our favourite has 1,500 pieces of furniture. Visit with your family and step into this miniature world.

Close-up detail of a room in the Doll's House at Nostell Priory
See the elaborate doll's house at Nostell National Trust Images/Andreas von Einsiedel

See the 18th-century dolls' house, Nostell Priory 

The 18th-century dolls' house at Nostell Priory is full of elaborately-crafted miniature furniture, including tiny Chippendale pieces. These are some well-to-do dolls!

The dolls' house in the nursery at Lanhydrock
A tiny house to explore National Trust Images / Andreas von Einsiedel

See Whiteway dolls' house at Saltram, Devon 

Visit Saltram in Devon and discover the Whiteway doll's house donated by collector Vivien Greene. Can you and the children spot the tiny snowglobe in the playroom? It may be miniscule but it works!

A girl and boy discover traditional toys at the Museum of Childhood
Explore the dolls' houses at the Museum of Childhood National Trust Images / David Levenson

See the dolls' houses at the Museum of Childhood 

The Museum of Childhood in Derbyshire is home to a collection of 20 dolls' houses. Visit with your family and let your imaginations run wild.