Places you can find frog spawn

Frog spawn normally appears in ponds and slow-moving streams in March but the timing can vary a lot depending on the weather. This thick jelly is laid in clumps. Toad spawn looks similar but is laid in long chains. If you’re too late to see frog spawn never fear – tadpoles will appear around one month later and are just as much fun for kids to look at. Make sure you tick off number 32 from our list of 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ once you’re finished.

Felbrigg Hall, Gardens and Estate lake

Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk 

Take a peak over the bridge at Felbrigg to see if you can spot frog spawn in the lake

Common frog at Sheringham Park

Sheringham Park, Norfolk 

Get a close-up view of frog spawn, toad spawn and newts in the bower pond at Sheringham Park, Norfolk.

Hidcote lily pond

Hidcote, Gloucestershire 

There is normally no shortage of frog spawn in the Lily Pool at Hidcote.

Visitors looking into a pond at Saltram

Saltram, Devon 

In the gardens of Saltram, there is frog spawn in the orange grove pond and toad spawn in the fountain.

A baby frog resting on a visitor's hand

Colby Woodland Garden, Pembrokeshire 

The ponds at Colby Woodland Garden, in Pembrokeshire, are teaming with frog spawn and newts. You can also pick up free pond dipping kits when you visit.

Allen Banks river

Allen Banks, Northumberland 

There are lots of toads, newts, frogs and their spawn at Allen Banks Tarn. Print out our pond life spotter sheet before you go.

Visitors exploring at Stowe

Stowe, Buckinghamshire 

Stowe, in Buckinghamshire, has an abundance of frog spawn in early spring

The view across the lake to the South East Front of Sizergh Castle, Cumbria

Sizergh Castle, Cumbria 

The garden ponds at Sizergh Castle, Cumbria, have lots of web-footed residents so should be full of their spawn in early spring.

Family pond-dipping

Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire 

If you're visiting the Ashridge Estate, have a look for frogspawn in the Clinkmere pond, near the visitor centre.

Child holding small frog

Holnicote Estate, Somerset 

The pond at Piles Mill on the Holnicote Estate is home to plenty of frog spawn.

A close up of frog spawn in a pond

Downhill Demesne, Northern Ireland 

You can find frog spawn in the lake at Bishop’s Gate, Downhill Demesne in County Londonderry