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Did you know...about our orchard?

  • We have over 75 apple trees and 52 apple varieties
  • The oldest apple trees are about 170 years old
  • The youngest apple trees were planted in 2010
  • Look out for our espalier trees - the trees that grow outwards
  • We have five different varieties of pears, some plums and greengages
  • You can buy our orchard produce, in season in our shop

Classic box hedging

Amongst the fruit and vegetables, you can find some classic formal garden features here at Llanerchaeron. Most prominent are our box hedging and the rose parterre.

The herb garden

The fragrant herb beds are not to be missed in mid-summer, with their brightly coloured flowers and magical fragrance. But there was a more practical use to herbs at Llanerchaeron in its heyday.