Archaeological Survey on Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel Devon
Explore Lundy Island National Trust Images / Joe Cornish

Unspoilt island, home to a fascinating array of wildlife amidst dramatic scenery


Things to see and do

views south towards the landing bay in the early morning sun on lundy island
Lundy Island in the early morning sun Joe Cornish

Explore and enjoy 

Discover how to get to Lundy Island and what's available when you're there.

Early memorial stones beneath the Old Lighthouse touched by the rays of the dawn sun
Lundy Island Old Lighthouse Joe Cornish

Wildlife walk 

Prepare for a ramble around this alluring granite outcrop in the Bristol Channel, taking in seals and the iconic puffin.



Granite stacks and rugged cliffs on the west coast of Lundy Island
Granite stacks on the west coast of Lundy Island Joe Cornish

Shearwater success 

We look after Lundy Island, Devon, where the Manx shearwater has made a comeback. Read the success story of this special seabird.