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A popular Dales beauty spot set amid rolling hills and rugged moorland

This outstanding area of limestone pavements, upland hill farms and flower-rich hay meadows provides a marvellous setting for walking, cycling or just enjoying the great outdoors.

The National Nature Reserve is home to a unique community of rare plants and animals - the bird hide in particular is worth a visit.

Marvel at the Night Sky

Join us on the 10th October, 8-10pm, to enjoy the marvelous night sky. Ranger Tony will take you through the basics of identifying the constellations above. Call 01729 830416 to book your place.

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Yorkshire Dales Appeal

Human intervention has shaped this natural landscape over centuries, with native species and habitats suffering as a result. We're working to recreate natural habitats for native species, and bring back traditional farming techniques.

Start your 50 Things adventure

An outdoor adventure is always around the next tree, wall or pond at Malham Tarn. The list of 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ will set you on your own adventure here.

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