Our work

Malham Tarn Peat Project Part 1

Why is peat so important?

Early summer's morning at Malham Tarn National Nature Reserve © Robin Sutton

Thanks to a recent grant from Biffaward we currently have several exciting projects in progress focussing on the restoration of peat in the Yorkshire Dales. Find out why is peat so important.

Malham Tarn Peat Cliff Project

We are working out ways to reduce wave action against the bare peat face. © NT

When Lord Ribblesdale raised the water level of Malham Tarn in 1791 by approximately 1m to increase the area available for fishing, he unwittingly caused serious damage to the area of raised peat bog on the northern shore of the tarn, which we are now trying to address.

Malham Tarn Peat Project Part 2

Malham Tarn Grip Blocking Project

Tony supervises his volunteers building dams on the reserve © NT

In addition to the work on the peat cliff, we are also blocking the drainage channels (known as grips) on the Malham Tarn National Nature Reserve, which will help peat to gradually start to reform.

More peat restoration work to do

One of the plants that indicate a healthy peat bog © Robin Sutton

We are trying to reduce the wave action against the peat cliff and damming the drainage channels on the reserve, but there is still much more that needs to be done.