Marsden Moor Estate

Visitor admiring the view from the top of the rocky outcrops of Buckstones, on Marsden Moor

Take a walk on the wild side and explore an ecological paradise

Marsden Moor Estate

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Marsden Moor Estate

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Upcoming events

Friday Plant Sales

Fri 01 Jul 2016
Brighten your garden

Under & Over

Sun 03 Jul 2016
A ride and a walk - or vice versa

Summer Sundays

Sun 10 Jul 2016
Buy plants for your garden

The Gamekeeper is Missing

Sun 10 Jul 2016
Learn more local social history

Wild Wessenden

Sat 16 Jul 2016
See fabulous views over the valley

Pots & Pans

Sat 30 Jul 2016
Views over Saddleworth Moor
Marsden Moor Estate


A curlew, which are found on Marsden Moor, West Yorkshire

Discover our wildlife 

Discover the variety of birds, animals and insects that call our 5,500 acres of unenclosed moorland home.

Marsden Moor Estate

Our work

Marsden Moor Estate

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A volunteer doing conservation work on Marsden Moor, West Yorkshire

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Volunteers bring a huge number of skills to many areas of our work at Marsden Moor including plant groups, survey groups, patrols and marketing.