Facilities & access


  • Free parking at Buckstones (A640), Snoopys Corner (A635) and Standedge Tunnel, Marsden (not National Trust). All car parks are suitable for coaches
  • Nearest toilet (not National Trust) located in Marsden village, 5 miles from the furthest point on the estate
  • Ice cream vendor at Buckstones car park (summer only)
  • Marsden Moor Exhibition Centre is located at the Estate Office in Marsden (adjacent to railway station)
  • Dogs are welcome, but must be kept on a lead at all times as the whole estate is used for sheep farming
  • Marsden Moor is well served by public footpaths, with over 100 miles crossing the moor. Pick up a walks leaflet from the exhibition centre in Marsden and go exploring!
  • Buckstones car park is a great place to paraglide and hang-glide from
  • Pule Hill offers a number of different climbing routes which cater for most levels. It is a 10 minute walk along the footpath from either Mount Road or the A62

Family & children

  • Try kite or model flying - Marsden Moor Soaring Association can be found at Buckstones car park, guests welcome
  • Buckstones car park is a great place for a picnic, offering amazing views of the whole estate


  • There are no designated accessible spaces at Buckstones car park, but it is on level ground and offers excellent panoramic views of the estate
  • The moor covers a vast area of peaks and moorland. It is naturally uneven and at times very steep. Pathways are a mix of Yorkshire stone, bare earth (both of which can be very slippery and muddy in wet weather) and hoggin-covered (compact mix of gravel, sand and clay), which is fine all year round
  • Level access to the Exhibition Centre, next to estate office. No obstructions