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Sally Palmer and Neil Porteous, head gardener at Mount Stewart © Peter Muhly/National Trust

Sally Palmer and Neil Porteous, head gardener at Mount Stewart

Our summer issue

This issue we explore how the Trust decides which places to save and how fundraising has helped some of our places. We also visit Mount Stewart to find out why 2014 is the property's big year, bring you the second part of our three-part Journey of Discovery series, and travel back 75 years to the discovery of Britain's biggest archaeological finds at Sutton Hoo.

A taster of what's in this issue

  • Sutton Hoo guidebook © National Trust

    Book giveaways in summer 2014

    In our summer 2014 issue, we’re offering you the chance to win a free copy of the new Sutton Hoo Guidebook, and the British Gardens in Time book that has been published alongside the BBC series. Deadlines for the competitions have been omitted from the issue, however we can confirm that the deadline for both competitions is 1 September 2014. We apologise for any confusion caused.

  • Journey of discovery

    With our new three-part series, Journey of Discovery, our specially commissioned seasonal poster will help you and your family discover the great outdoors. Plus, we're giving our younger members the chance to win one of the three original pieces of artwork.

  • Under the hills

    The discovery 75 years ago of the fabulous ship burial of an Anglo-Saxon king, by Edith Pretty, a rich widow and Basil Brown, a self-taught archaeologist, remains one of British archaeology's biggest finds.

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Flip through the latest issue with our online edition

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Enjoying the autumn colours in the gardens of Erddig

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