Perfect views around our gardens year round © Simon Newman

Perfect views around our gardens year round

A historic landscape

The land around Mottisfont has been shaped and cultivated for many centuries. However, it was really the Mill family, Georgian landowners, who laid the framework for today’s garden, with its extensive pleasure grounds, riverside walks and fine trees. Each owner has made their mark on the landscape and gardens creating a great mix of formal lawns and specialist spaces such as the walled garden and winter garden.

Don't miss

  • Enjoy the scent and colour of our roses in June © National Trust

    Walled garden

    The Walled Garden houses the national collection of old fashioned rose designed by Graham Stuart Thomas.

  • Stop by the historic Lime Walk on your next visit © Arnhel de Serra

    Magnificent trees

    We have a huge variety of different trees here, including one of the largest plane trees in the UK.

  • Come and experience the colour of our Winter Garden © John Miller

    Winter garden

    Planted with shrubs and perennials, combining rare specimens with familiar plants used in unusual ways.

Cuttings from the garden

Meet Jonny, our Head Gardener, often to be found in the walled garden tending our world-famous rose collection. Follow Jonny's musings on Twitter @NTGardenerJonny or read his blog.

discover our fishing hut hidden at the end of the river walk © Elizabeth Isherwood

discover our fishing hut hidden at the end of the river walk

Riverside walk

There is nothing more peaceful than taking a stroll by the river, and we are really lucky to be situated next to the beautiful River Test.

The River Test is a fantastic example of a chalk stream. The water enters the river through chalk springs, giving us beautifully pure, clean water, that maintains relatively stable temperatures and flow rates.

At Mottisfont, we have a specialist River Keeper, the only role of it's kind within the National Trust, who tends to the river that surrounds our property.

Providing that they are well managed, chalk streams provide wonderful habitats for a huge variety of species. Lush marginal fringes provide habitat for all manner of terrestrial insects and are vital in the reproductive cycle of river flies, which in turn provide food for the fish. Abundant weed growth in the river itself gives young fish a safe place to hide and overhanging trees and bushes provide cover for larger fish.

The results of the work are clear to see both on the banks and in the river; otters, water voles, kingfishers, grebes and the rare southern damselfly all thrive here. Numbers of juvenile salmon have increased dramatically, alongside a stable population of wild brown trout and at least 11 other freshwater fish species from tiny minnows and bullheads to huge pike.

Why not try and spot a few on your next visit?