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From ancient trees to endangered species, our places are full of life. We're working hard to safeguard these habitats for years to come

 Red squirrel in a tree
A red squirrel in the pine woods of Formby, Liverpool National Trust Images / John Millar
Deer in the park grounds of Lyme Park, Cheshire
Lyme Park, Cheshire National Trust Images / Arnhel de Serra

Winter wildlife walks 

Get out and about in the countryside and discover some very special wildlife, with our selection of our favourite self-guided walks.

Beech trees in woodland at Alderley Edge, Cheshire
Ancient beech trees in woodland at Alderley Edge, Cheshire National Trust Images / Robert Morris

Identifying ancient trees 

We care for a huge collection of ancient trees at the places we look after. Here's our handy guide to identifying them.

Children playing conkers in autumn at Stourhead
Young explorers playing conkers National Trust Images / Ian Shaw

Inspiring young nature lovers 

We're working to help a new generation of children discover the outdoors.

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A grey seal pup
A new-born grey seal pup, on the Farne Islands National Trust/Farne Ranger

Seals on the Farne Islands 

The breeding season for seals starts as early as mid-September, with the majority of pups born in October and November. Every year, over 1500 pups are born on the islands.

Matthew Oates, our specialist on nature, holding a pair of binoculars
Matthew Oates, our specialist on nature Matthew Oates

Meet our nature expert 

Matthew Oates has over 50 years experience of butterflying and enjoying the great outdoors. Learn more about Matthew and his passion for wildlife and working at the Trust.

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