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A beautiful sprawling wilderness to explore for retreat and adventure

The New Forest Northern Commons comprise of five commons that we care for. Each one is a unique landscape of woodland, heathland, mire and grassland, shaped by man and nature since the Bronze Age.

A thriving working forest, the sense of tradition and rural practices remain today. The beautiful sprawling wilderness offers opportunity for both retreat and adventure. Whether escaping life's ever increasing pace, rambling through open spaces and woodlands with friends and family, or just finding a quiet spot to unwind in.

Our special places

Find out where the five commons we look after are using our illustrated map. Directions can be found on our 'How to get here' page. 

Fancy joining in?

You'll find the New Forest a rewarding and inspiring place to work and we're always pleased to welcome new volunteers. No matter what time you have to offer, we'd love to hear from you.

Events at Foxbury

You can enjoy something new every season by joining an event within our Foxbury site. We offer a mixture of our own events, community days and partner events.

22,000 trees to plant

Children planting trees

We have an ambitious plans for our Foxbury site and we’ve already made a start by planting over 4,000 trees during the winter. Check in with us soon to find out what we’re up to next.


Taking the lead

Did you know that not all birds nest in trees? From March to July many birds make their nests on the ground, so it's important to keep your dogs under close control during this time.

Love to cycle?

The New Forest is a great place to explore by bike with the family. Check the cycle route map to find great places to explore and for safety tips you can read the New Forest cycling code.