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Tudor hunting lodge to fashionable home, set in a spectacular estate

Newark Park stands proud on top of the Cotswold escarpment, looking down into the Ozleworth valley to the Mendips beyond. This remote corner of south Gloucestershire is a secret and unspoilt place, with barely a sign of modern life visible in any direction. A place of architectural intrigue, quaint gardens and sprawling parkland there is much to see and do at Newark.

Founded by an influential English courtier to Henry VIII in 1550; the house and estate since went from boom to bust, to its dramatic rescue by a Texan architect in the 20th century. Newark has an incredible story to tell.

Exciting exhibitions

Visit our inspiring exhibitions:

Now: 'For King and Country' - Newark residents in the First World War. Until 21 September.

Next: 'Through the pinhole' - See Newark in a new light. From 24 September.

Explore the great outdoors

Find out what lives in our lake

Find out what lives in our lake

As well as a fascinating house and garden, there is a whole estate full of wonderful woodland and peaceful parkland for you to explore. Follow the way markers or ask at reception for the day's recommended route. The estate is open daily, dawn to dusk.

New for 2014 - geocaching in the garden and estate

50 things

50 things to do before you're 11¾

Have a 50 things adventure at Newark Park! Explore the great outdoors with the kids, with plenty of games and discoveries to be made in the gardens and the estate.


  • New at Newark: geocaching with Spike the dragon.
  • Meet our group of Newark peacocks.
  • Head to the Red Bedroom to raid our dressing-up clothes.
  • Don't miss the views over the valley from the huge windows on the top floor of the house.
  • Pick up one of our trailsheets in the entrance hall of the house.
  • Descend to the lakeside garden to see lots of wildlife: ducks, butterflies, frogs and many more.
  • Try one of our estate walks: good exercise and great views guaranteed.