All set for a day’s exploring on Orford Ness © National Trust

All set for a day’s exploring on Orford Ness

Are you a group of six or more?

Groups of more than six people coming on a normal open day (self-guided) can help us by getting in touch in advance. This assists with ticketing and getting your group onto a ferry.

However, we do not pre-book ferries so please still arrive early to avoid delay to your crossing or disappointment. A single payment for your group will speed up the ticketing process.

Guided group tours

Walking tours

 © NT

A guided group visit will reveal the Island's many secrets as your warden guide shows you around, including access to the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment site (the 'Pagodas'), normally out of bounds. Walking tours can be whole or half days, but a half day walk is unlikely to allow you to get round everything you want to see. The full tour can be up to 6 miles in distance.

Trailer tours

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If you would rather not walk we can take you on a tour on a vehilcle drawn trailer. This can be a half or full day tour. The trailer cannot make it up the track to the lighthouse, so if you want to include it on your tour you will have to walk a short distance - about a third of a mile. But you will be able to visit the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment site (the 'Pagodas')

Photographic tours

 © Simon Bradford

Your photo group or club can arrange to have guided access to parts of the site not normally available. The tours last all day and include close guidance and support and can be tailored to meet your requirements. The level of support, which can include technical help, and the intensive nature of the day is reflected in the higher cost.

Booking your group's guided tour

Guided tours are offered for groups of 12 - 24 persons, half-day or whole day, walking and vehicle-drawn trailer tours. Please contact the Orford Ness rangers on 01394 450 900 to discuss your requirements. Guided tours are normally offered Tuesday to Friday in April, May, June and October (when we are not open to the general public), subject to the availability of a ranger guide. Please confirm your booking with the ranger before making any other arrangements. A scale of charges relative to the guiding requirements applies.